🪙COFI Stablecoins

"Featureful stablecoins that inherit the liquidity of their backing assets and increase in your wallet automagically".

As of launch, COFI Money offers three varieties of stablecoins:

When a user obtains COFI Money Stablecoins, their balance increases every hour automagically. Backing assets are deployed in one of our partner venues, that are continuously monitored to optimise for the highest low-risk yields.

Sit back and pour yourself a COFI whilst our Yield Engine does the hard work for you ☕️.

COFI Stablecoins residing in Non-Rebasing Accounts, such as Liquidity Pools and our fee collector contract, does not accrue the yield. As such, this yield is redistributed to COFI sitting in User-owned accounts. This means that, your interest earnings are yielded from a greater amount of backing assets than your COFI holdings.

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