COFI Payments

"Partner with us and provide your Users with discounts".

A not-so-secret benefit of crypto-assets and blockchain networks is their ability to revolutionise the payments space. Merchants have long been plagued with exorbitant acquirer and interchange fees that eat into their margins.

As part of the next iteration of our Roadmap, COFI Money will provide a seamless payments solution that benefits Users and Merchants alike. By signing up, Merchants enable their Users to purchase products using their COFI stablecoins and Points. Any Points spent by the User will be received, in COFI or the underlying asset (e.g., USDC) by the merchant in the equivalent number of said assets.

For example, Alice purchases a $3.50 cappuccino by spending 3 COFI and using 500 of her COFI Points. The Merchant can choose whether to receive this payment in COFI or USDC, which is settled near-instantly due to Arbitrum's impressive sporting of 40,000 TPS.

Therefore, not only can Merchants evade fees of the past, but incorporate incentives to bring Users to their store or platform.

If you represent a Merchant, big or small, please reach out to us at [email protected] to arrange a call. ☕️

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